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Dumfries Dj Hire will provide the services as indicated in this agreement for the amount agreed between both parties. This agreement is binding on both parties and constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior representations, understandings and agreements, either written or verbal. This agreement cannot be altered or changed unless agreed to in writing by both parties. If a portion of this agreement is found to be invalid, the remainder shall not be affected.


In the event of the Customer wishing to cancel this contract for any reason other than Act of God or Natural Disaster, any advance payment made will be forfeited, or a cancellation fee of no less than one half of the agreed fee may be applied for. If the cancellation is within thirty days of the performance the whole of the agreed fee may be applied for.


The client realises that whilst we have excellent DJ back up in place and every reasonable safeguard is assured, we cannot be held responsible for any DJ illness, sudden malfunction, or breakdown of any electrical equipment as this is an unavoidable occurrence and is outside of our control. We will, however, make every reasonable effort to rectify the situation. In the extremely unlikely occurrence of a non-performance or if a total failure occurs, the client will be refunded the total fee in full. In this situation this will be the full extent of our liability to the client.

The client shall be deemed liable for any damage to Dumfries Dj Hire’s equipment or property, excluding normal fair wear and tear to equipment including sound/lighting equipment including stands and/or music library, caused by anyone in attendance of the booking during the said times agreed and including setting up and dismantling of equipment. In the case of any damage caused by anyone in attendance of the booking the full cost of repairs/replacement and/or hire charges for replacement or loan equipment will be charged to the client at the rate of charge incurred by the company.

If the venue has a Sound limiter, this must be set in monitor mode.

The client will allow suitable time for the company to set-up and dismantle equipment and will arrange with the management of the venue to allow this time to set-up and dismantle equipment prior to commencement of the booking (This is usually minimum 1 hour set up and 1 Hour breakdown).

However, if mood lighting package is required, this comes under Venue decoration, and as a result this needs to be fitted AM, approximate time is 2 hours.

When mood lighting is in place, as it is electrical equipment, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that it is not tampered with or moved in any way.

Depending on the amount of space we have available for the disco, it may not be possible to use all of our equipment (podiums) at some venues, but we will make every effort to have the full set up if at all possible.

Dumfries Dj Hire will ensure that public liability insurance is provided but only for the protection of the public against harm, pain or suffering caused to the public by Dumfries Dj Hire personnel or equipment and not by any actions of the client or guests who may cause or instigate such harm, pain or suffering to themselves or others under the influence of alcohol or other substances.


Dumfries Dj Hire will accept music requests in writing in advance 7 days prior to the booking and will do our utmost to play up to 20 client’s chosen requests if received. The client also agrees that Dumfries Dj Hire cannot guarantee the inclusion of any deleted, obsolete or difficult to source requests either in writing or on the night of the booking.

Dumfries Dj Hire will endeavour not to play songs with explicit or offensive lyrics that would cause offence to any guests attending the booking. If unsure about any songs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The client shall be responsible for the behaviour of his/her guests. It should be ensured that all children are supervised. Guests should not interfere with the equipment whether at the disco area or in the case of equipment used for mood lighting or the PA system, in other parts of the venue.

Please note any loss of or damage to equipment, other than that caused by fair wear and tear, will be charged for.

If the equipment is left unattended for any reason during the function, the client will ensure that no one uses or interferes with it.

Dumfries Dj Hire’s equipment will not be available for use by any other performers.

If we are sharing the night, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient space available for both the band and the disco to be set up.

Under no circumstances whatsoever will Dumfries Dj Hire (or anyone representing Dumfries Dj Hire) tolerate any abusive, aggressive or violent behaviour from anyone whatsoever towards personnel of Dumfries Dj Hire. We reserve the right to terminate our services at any time should we feel our personal safety, or the safety of the equipment is under threat of harm, pain or suffering. If this occurs no refund of any amount will be given, and Dumfries Dj Hire reserves the right to claim damages against any said persons.

Dumfries Dj Hire reserve the right to take photographs and possibly some video footage for promotion purposes only. If the client does not wish this to happen, they must inform Dumfries Dj Hire at the start of the event.



A booking will not be confirmed until a Non-Refundable booking fee of £100.00 has been paid either in the form of cash, (you are welcome to bring the money to my house. Please make sure that someone is at home to accept. Please do not post through letter box), bank transfer (please ask for my bank details), or cheque. (Please make all cheque's payable to Mr Daniel Thomas) Upon which, written confirmation will be forwarded to the client from Dumfries Dj Hire.

The remainder of the fee shall be deemed payable by the client to Dumfries Dj Hire prior to the function date. All payments to be received 30 days prior to the function date.

By paying the booking fee, I acknowledge, I have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions.

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